5 in 1 hydra dermabrasion peel water facial beauty machine

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Product Description

                            Factory price hydra dermabrasion peel water facial beauty machine

Semi-Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Bottle Making Machine Bottle Moulding Machine PET Bottle Making Machine is suitable for producing PET plastic containers and bottles in all shapes. It is widely used to produce the carbonated bottle, mineral water, pesticide bottle oil bottle cosmetics, wide-mouth bottle and hot fill bottle etc. Beverage bottle, cosmetic bottle, medicine bottle, jar etc.

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Features of the facial machine :

1.Hydro dermabrasion
Hydradermabrasion – the latest in skincare technology. Hydradermabrasion utilizes the natural healing
powers of water and oxygen to effortlessly exfoliate the skin without the use of hard crystals or abrasive
extured wands, generating deeply hydrated and healthier looking skin.
2.Diamond dermabrasion/water diamond dermabrasion
Clean: Deep cleaning, clear skin stratum corneum, minimally invasive scar, clearing blackhead.
Wash: Deep cleaning dirt, clean skin
Rehabilitation: Improve dull skin, shrink pores, smooth skin, repair skin cells 
3.Spray treatment:
Supply nutrients and moisture for the skin rapidly,smoothskin,lightening stains,improvechlorosis, dull 
conditions, make skin rosy, white,transparent, tender, tightening indeed, with special spa oils will be better.

Microcurrent is a low level of electricity that mirrors the body's own natural electrical impulses. A microcurrent face lift is a non-surgical, non-invasive cosmetic technique that safely and effectively improves the health and appearance of the skin. The signs of aging are greatly reduced, while skin tone and elasticity are dramatically improved.as well as enjoy enhanced longevity of results. 
5.Ultrasound for eye:
Ultrasonic, with the frequency of 1-3 million times per second, with the process to be transmitted to the body, is absorbed by epidermis dermis subcutaneous tissue, the absorption of ultrasonic waves is converted into thermal energy, thermal effects of ultrasound, the living tissue temperature increased slightly 0.5-1 ℃, promote capillary function and fine inter cellular lymph flow, 1 million vibrations per second ultrasound, when the wave is transferred to the organization, with the ultrasonic vibrations stimulate biological tissue and skin tissue, relieve tension, to maintain skin elasticity. Heated generated by vibration can make it easier to break down fat and help prevent obesity
6.Cold hmmer:
Main used for sedation skin, shrink pores, locking nutrients

Vacuum handle

Deep skin clean, Removing Dead Skin Cell Detox 
Pore Tightening, Sebum Control, Blackhead & Whitehead Removal Acne Care

BIO handle

Stimulating skin tissue and muscles to gives skin elasticity and anti-aging
Can match with functional mask pack to provide nutrients, promote cellular activity and effects on skin regeneration, skin lightening, wrinkles and trouble skin

RF handle

Collagen remodeling and improve skin elasticity
Dissolves fat & cellulite cell, promotes the blood circulation and lymphatic system 
Safe and painless, with immediate effect

Ultrasonic handle

Melts fat and cellulitis cell, maintain skin texture smooth. Massage effect: helps to produce collagen and elastin, activates the fibroblast and enhances skin elasticity
Thermal effect: activates the metabolism, promotes the blood circulation and lymphatic system. Phonophoresis: can match with mask pack to strengthen absorption effect of functional mask deep into the skin

Cold hammer

Mainly used for sedation skin, shrink pores, Locking nutrients

Hydro dermabrasion
Multipolar RF
Bio polar
Cold hammer
Hydro dermabrasion,  Multipolar RF, Bio polar, Ultrasonic, Cold hammer
Hydro dermabrasion , photon light
Max output
100-240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Package size
7" Touch screen
Net weight
Product Function

Factory price hydra dermabrasion peel water facial beauty machine

Packing & Delivery

                                           Factory price hydra dermabrasion peel water facial beauty machine


1. How is your after-sale service? 
e have a professional technology supporting team for your timely services. You can get the help you need in time by telephone, webcam, online chat (Google talk, Facebook, Skype). Please contact us once the machine has any problem. Best service will be offered. 

2. Will you teach how to use the machine? 
Yes, we can provide a complete user manual and usage video for instruction and application. And 24/7 online consultant service ensure you whatever problem and whenever you meet, you can solve easily. It is easy to operate by anyone with the instructions.

3. How about the shipment?
The machine will be shipped within 5-7 days after the receipt of your payment. 

4. How does your factory do regarding quality control ?
We have a strictly quality inspection department. Our engineers will carefully check and test the machines many times before we deliver them to you. To make sure you can get the high quality machines, only the machines that have passed the strict quality inspection can be delivered to you.

5 .Why should you choose us?
1)Powerful factory, giving the competitive price and best technology support 
2)12-years' experience in producing beauty machine, strong R&D 
3)3 years-warranty and 7x24 online after-sale service 
4)CE Certification, the key for you to legally use and sell the machine 
5)Diversity of customized service, strong OEM capability available